Ugh! It’s only Wednesday!

Good morning guys! It has been really cold in Tennessee. My foot warmer had to go to Fort Knox Monday and won’t be back until next Monday. I may freeze to death before then. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the past few days. I think its just the stress of the hubbs being gone. But I have managed to get some decorating done with the help of the kiddos.

Still working on the tree…I ran out of hooks for the decorations and had to buy more.20181203_2014233990745943411712543.jpg

Put this together with some of the goodies I bought the other day!20181202_1527292657773177310645650.jpg

And I did some decorating outside last night. I shouldn’t have, but I did. I’m paying for it today. 20181204_1813045494455918982689705.jpg

I love these projectors they have now!20181204_1813523784560523090617941.jpg

I just wanted to pop in, say hi and show you guys my decorations. I think I’m going to curl up with a cup of tea and try to get warm. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! See ya soon!


T.J.Maxx & Hobby Lobby-Uh Oh!

Good Morning guys! Yes, its time for another shopping haul post. I love sharing new goodies with you guys. I intended to just go to Hobby Lobby, but T.J. Maxx was right there staring at me. I figured I would pop in for a minute, go straight to housewares to look at storage containers and then leave. Wrong!!!! I ended up looking at everything except clothes, I cannot fit anything else in my closet or drawers. There was so much stuff that I “needed” and didn’t buy! Lol!Shopping

So, here we go….I found the Micro Needle facial roller for $12.99, I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but I wasn’t ready to spend the $30 that most places charge. I had to have the lavender infused wrap and eye mask and I found the boscia peel off mask on clearance for $7 and thought I would give it a try. I used it last night and it was amazing!tjmaxxhaul

Did I mention in another post that I love Pyrex! Old Pyrex, new Pyrex, it doesn’t matter. I love all of it. The snowflake Pyrex was too cute to pass up!pyrexsnowflakes

I also found a few Rae Dunn things! I was really looking for Rae Dunn mugs & dishes, but they didn’t have any, probably a good thing since I’m not supposed to be buying things for the house right now. My excuse is…Oh! These will look so cute in the new house! Lol!raedunntjmaxx

I found more dryer balls on the clearance aisle for $6 because the box was a little damaged. I usually pay $15 for these at another store. I picked up the citric acid and bath bomb molds for #1 at Hobby Lobby. The kit that we bought at wal-mart on Black Friday didn’t work.20181130_112400

And I always end up with yarn. I’ve been wanting to make some face scrubbies and this yarn is absolutely perfect! I also finally found a longer afghan hook without having to order one. yarnbeescrubby

And I had originally went out shopping for Christmas decorations and you see what happens. I did pick up a few Christmas decorations. I found these little reindeer Christmas card holders at T.J. Maxx, my Christmas cards are usually just sitting around in random places so I thought these would be cute for the dining room side of the fireplace. I needed small strands of lights for a porch project and the little logs are for my centerpiece. Hobby Lobby has all their Christmas stuff on sale for 50%.20181130_112228

I also picked up the greenery for my centerpiece and this cute little mug. 20181129_150757

Now, I have to go start decorating! I’m way behind, the hubbs just asked when I’m putting up the Christmas tree. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! See ya soon!


Young Living Essential Oils

Good morning guys!! I finally did it! I signed up with Young Living. I have used essential oils for many years. I have a large collection of Now essential oils because I can buy them locally. Several years ago my house was chemical free. I made all of my cleaning products, bath products and laundry detergent.

Then I started working outside the home. Basically it was work, sleep, and softball. I would leave the house at 9 pm get off around 6:30 am, race home, pick up the girls and get them to school by 7:20, take #3 to school around 8:30, lay down and try to sleep, get back up at 2 pm to go get the girls, pick #3 up at 3:30, lay back down and try to nap until I had to take #2 to softball practice. I was averaging about 5 hours of actual sleep a day. For tournaments and #2 getting invited to play the world series I was staying up for 36 hours during those times. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

So, you can see that it was just easier to buy a bottle of cleaner of laundry detergent at the store than it was to make it at home. I barely had time to clean my house anyway. Everything I worked so hard to achieve was flushed down the toilet.

I no longer work outside the home and I’m still trying to recover from the stress on my body and my mind. And one day my home will be back to the way it was.

I’ve contemplated for several years about signing up with young living. I purchased a bottle of their thieves cleaner at one of our local health food stores and I absolutely loved it. When I use essential oils and homemade products for cleaning, it no longer feels like cleaning, its uplifting and you have that proud moment of, I made this! Its a wonderful feeling. Of course, you clean more so that you can make more products just to try them out.

I decided before we left for our thanksgiving vacay that I would go ahead and purchase the Basic Starter Kit. I wanted to try out some other products before I spent more money on a bigger kit. I knew I loved the thieves cleaner but I had not tried their other products. My kit arrived while we were still in Missouri, #1’s boyfriend put it on the couch so that I would see it when we got home. I was super excited! 20181128_1238572090700601234611396.jpg

When I opened the box that it was shipped in I instantly smelled the thieves cleaner. It came with a little sample pack. There was also an extra oil bottle in a little cardboard tube. The kit itself was wrapped in plastic, when I took the plastic off I noticed that something had leaked, it was my thieves sample, which I wasn’t happy about. It ruined some of the beautiful packaging. Keep in mind, I had just been in the car for 7 hours and I was tired and a little grumpy.

The packaging is amazing though. It was like getting an early Christmas present and it did smell really good. 20181128_1239243347138447872877387.jpg20181128_1645212269792131607664373.jpg

I read the welcome letter and I love that they have their own farms where everything is grown and they don’t use any pesticides. I don’t use pesticides in my little garden and it is a lot of hard work keeping the bugs away and the weeds pulled. 20181128_1240461666947001830868992.jpg20181128_1240265088306056481394831.jpg

I have honestly been using the oils too much to store them in this cute little thing.20181128_124116386730532941256162.jpg

My basic kit came with:

2-2 oz. Ningxia Red Supplements (I was scared to try these because I have never ingested essential oils, but my goodness, they are delicious and they do help get me through that afternoon slump)

1-1 oz. Thieves Household Cleaner Sample (this is what leaked out, I examined the package and I can’t figure it out. I chatted with them the next morning, the rep was super nice, said she would send out a new sample and give me 10 reward points, but that they didn’t have just the packaging. I told her not to worry about wasting the packaging and shipping for just a little sample but I appreciate the points. It took a few minutes to convince her that I was perfectly fine with just the points, no worries. I love great customer service)

1-5 ml. Bottle of Peace & Calming II (This was an extra that I wasn’t expecting)

1-Aroma Guide Roller Fitment

1-5 ml. Bottle of Stress Away (Let me tell you! This oil made the whole kit worth what I spent! I can’t even describe how I feel about this oil! Wow!)

10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards

10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles (I love my oils so far and I don’t want to share them! Lol!)

Product Guide and Product Price List

Essential Edge

Member Resources20181128_1242481032884786177751398.jpg20181128_1243062337319851461105231.jpg20181128_1646562057639628176627708.jpg

I really like the Peace & Calming II oil, but the Stress Away is amazing! I diffuse it every night when we go to bed, I put it on my neck and wrists in the morning and I also bought a diffuser necklace while we were in Missouri and I added a few drops to that. I wish you guys could smell this oil. 20181128_1647418193587642337763540.jpg

Now, I’m not going to make a bunch of posts and try to sell you guys these products or try to get you to sign up with me. If you have read through my blog, I hope that by now you know that I’m an honest person and if I don’t like a product or food, etc…I will be the first one to say, “Don’t try this, It’s horrible!”

I’m just getting started with the company and if I sell their products and people want to sign up with me then that is wonderful, if not, that’s great too. I don’t care if I make money, I’m doing this for me. I’m trying to get healthy again and re-create an uplifting and healthy environment for my family. My #3 walked in the house from school yesterday and said, “Why does it smell like a new house in here?” Lol! He’s 9 and loves to smell the oils and help me make stuff. He found the new linen spray I made yesterday and decided that he would clean everything with it. Proud momma moment!

Anyway, If you do want to sign up with me or purchase products, or just look around and learn about some of the oils or other products, you can visit my website:

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You know where to find me! As always, thank you for letting me share my new experience with you guys! Have a blessed Friday! See ya soon!


Mini Stuffed Shells-Cheap Dinner

Good morning y’all! I want to share this recipe with you. I ended up throwing it together Sunday night. It was definitely trial and error. But it turned out really good. The kids have been wanting stuffed shells and I have been avoiding it. I always feel like it takes forever to make.

The hubbs and I were walking through wal-mart on Sunday picking up some odds and ends after our trip. The main reason for the wal-mart trip was to get distilled water for his darth mask (aka CPAP), of course you can’t go to wal-mart for one thing and get just one thing. I have to look at everything even though I know what the entire store has.

I love anything miniature! On the seasonal aisle I found a tiny little butter cookie tin. I also love butter cookies. I get overly excited, “Ohhhh! Look at this! Its the cutest little thing ever!” I say this about everything. My husband just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “Its only $1 and I need it, its the last one!”


We made our way up and down the aisles getting random things like we always do and I found the cutest little shells on the pasta aisle. I have hit the miniature jackpot on this trip! “Oh my gosh! Look at these! They are the cutest things ever!” I said, “The kids have been wanting stuffed shells, they would love these!” My husband, of course is still shaking his head and praying that we can leave wal-mart before I find anything else. So, that is how we ended up with this recipe for mini stuffed shells.

I’m sure somebody else has probably made these before, I’m always behind. I want to share my recipe with you guys anyway. The kids loved them!

Now that I have an instant pot I rarely cook things on the stove top. I bought 2.25 Lbs of ground beef and sauteed it in the instant pot. 20181125_1624067096814054931003353.jpg

This is the cheapest one (73/27) so it is extra fatty. 20181125_1642153910776976668816705.jpg

I usually put it in the colander after I brown it to let it drain and then I rinse it. I read somewhere that this can cut the fat by 50%, I don’t know for sure, I’m not a scientist!20181125_1645437085823064709458818.jpg

After draining and rinsing the beef I also rinse out my instant pot and then put the beef back in. I put the instant pot on keep warm and add my 3 cans of Hunt’s pasta sauce to the beef, stir it and forget about it for awhile. 20181125_1628335048990344958730001.jpg

I bought 2 bags of the shells but I ended up wasting a lot of them. Pasta never looks like a lot until you cook it and then there are noodles everywhere. One bag is more than enough unless you’re making a double batch. I ended up with about 80 mini shells.

Next, I went ahead and put my water in my stock pot to boil (my stove takes forever to boil water). While I waited on the water to boil I mixed my ricotta, salt and pepper (I like to stir in the salt and pepper before adding the other cheese so that it gets mixed evenly), mozzarella and parmesan in a large mixing bowl. I can’t tell you how much salt and pepper to use because I use salt and pepper mills and I go by taste. 20181125_1727035904319596915045045.jpg


By this time the water should be boiling and you cook the shells according to the package. You want them to be al dente. 20181125_1733365296242539000951952.jpg

Drain all of the water and let them cool. I like to rinse them with cold water especially if I have little ones helping me stuff them.

I thought these would be more difficult to stuff than the big ones but I think it was actually easier. Stuffing them is not rocket science. You can fill them and overfill them, I don’t think there is a rule for this. #2 and I made a huge mess. We don’t use utensil to stuff the shells, just fingers. The kids really like to help with this part. 20181125_1802141213644324925229867.jpg

I ended up using my 9×13 pyrex baking dish and 3 other smaller pyrex dishes. I also love throwaway pans, you cook, you eat, you throw away. Too easy!

At this point you will remember that you were heating up sauce and it will be warm but not hot. We’re going to cook it in the oven anyway so no worries. You can also cook it on the stove top in a large saucepan or not cook it at all until it goes in the oven. There are no strict rules for this recipe. Easy peasy!20181125_1716198514186679561162536.jpg

I ladled the sauce over the stuffed shells and spread it around so that it covered all of them and then sprinkled some leftover mozzarella on top. Pop them in the oven, 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. 20181125_1811411332616743891746463.jpg

And you’re done! This is a lot of food. Like I said, I had about 80 stuffed shells. We have leftovers and the hubbs has lunch for work. I’m sure you can half the recipe if you don’t like leftovers. This would also be great for a potluck!20181125_1856343298375525391021515.jpg

2 lbs Ground Beef 1-17.6 oz. Bag Conchiglioni Pasta 3-24 oz. cans Hunt_s Pasta Sauce 2-32 oz. Ricotta Cheese 1 lb. Shredded Mozzarella 1-6 oz. package Parmesan Cheese Salt & Pepper to

This recipe is simple and cheap. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for visiting me! See ya soon!


We Survived Thanksgiving!

Good morning guys! We made it home from our little Thanksgiving vacay! We had a great time. The night before we left the hubbs decided he would go ahead and change out my brake pads, my car was sounding like the titanic scraping an iceberg. What should have taken about 30 minutes on a regular car, of course took most of the night on my car. We ended up having to go get a $60 tool from Auto Zone to actually put the brake pads back on. Gotta love a Ford!

So we ended up finally getting out of here at about 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. The hubbs had to work Wednesday and didn’t get off until 4. I was supposed to have the car packed and ready to go, but that never happens. My dryer was malfunctioning and I didn’t want to leave any laundry to come home to.

Big beautiful moon coming up in Kentucky!20181121_163712969768486522798207.jpgWe were actually making pretty good time until we stopped at our McDonald’s in Sikeston Missouri.

We have a tradition, we always stop at McDonald’s on the way to mom and dad’s and on the way back. Blah! The kids love it of course. I’m not a big fan! I got the app on my phone for coupons and I should have probably ordered our food when I saw the sign that it was 27 miles away. It might have been done when we got there. We waited about 10 minutes at the register while about 6 employees walked around and ignored us. So the guy finally comes to the register and just looks at me, I just stared right back, ummm can I order, I’m not sure what is going on here. Maybe a welcome to McDonald’s? Can I take your order? What do you want? Something!!!!

I said, “Can I order now?” So I tell him what I want. I had to figure out how to do the coupon on my phone, no help there either. It took over 30 minutes to get our food. There were 2 other people in this McDonald’s. The fries looked like noodles. I know its McDonald’s but come on! And y’all want $15 an hour?! So we finally escaped with some questionable food. And we will not be stopping there again. 20181121_1955416769065606505697579.jpg

We were back on the rode and driving off into the beautiful sunset, this made the McDonald’s ordeal not so bad. 20181121_1719283302890457256548772.jpg

We finally made it to mom and dad’s at almost midnight, at that point everything bad just went away! I love going home!

As I said before, we woke up to the smell of food and dad playing guitar. We ran up to the tiny little Wal-mart, got rolls, milk, a black Friday newspaper, and looked at all of the black Friday goodies that they had sitting out. They were setting up a table lined with keurigs and coffee cups for the black Friday shoppers. We ended up talking to one of the guys that works there about black Friday shopping. Apparently, it gets super crowded. Lol! Trust me, 10 people in this Wal-mart would be a crowd.

Then, we decided that we would venture out for some black Friday shopping. I don’t shop on black Friday. I went to Toys R Us 9 years ago with my friend and I swore I would never go again.

We went back home, looked through the black Friday ads and hung out. My nephew came out with his wife and their kiddos. We ate way too much food and watched all of the kids play.



This isn’t even all of us! We’re missing my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife are in Afghanistan and they have 3 kids. I wish we could have all been together. It was a great time though.

My nephew and his wife decided that they wanted to go with us back up to Wal-mart and #2 decided that she wanted to go. We left grandma and grandpa with all the kids and set off on our adventure. We got to Wal-mart and there were like 5 cars in the parking lot. The sheriff was there with a couple of police officers and an ambulance. Lets just say that the entire police force was at Wal-mart. Lol! I love this tiny little town!

We went in and got in line for the Playstation 4. There were only 6 people in line for this. It was nice because we were able to stand around and catch up for about an hour while we waited. Then the announcement came that it was time to start. The manager asked that everyone be nice to their neighbors and that he appreciated everyone for coming out.

This was a whole new black Friday experience for me. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted and then some. And everyone was beyond friendly. I would look at something where somebody else was standing and ask my husband what it was and someone would answer, tell me the price and ask if I wanted one. My husband ended up standing around talking to a Vietnam Vet that was waiting on his wife. We had a really good time. If we would have tried that here we for one wouldn’t have been able to get in the store and we would have been trampled. The black Friday that I went to Toys R Us a woman got trampled at the front of the line and they broke her leg. That is not okay in any situation.

We got our playstation 4, I picked up a $99 Chromebook so that I can sit on the couch with my husband and blog and not be stuck in my room, #2 got the pink polaroid camera she has been wanting (early birthday present), I picked up a bath bomb making kit for # 1 that she had spotted when we were there earlier. My nephew and his wife were able to get everything they wanted. We really had fun and have decided that this will be a new tradition.

Friday, my dad went in for his cataract surgery on one eye. Thank you all for the prayers, we really appreciate it! The surgery went even better than expected. They replaced the lens with an artificial lens and right after the surgery he could already see 100 times better than before. The doctor said it was one of the best ones he has done. He went back on Saturday morning and was able to have the cover removed and it is healing perfectly. He will go back next week to have the other one done.

We spent Saturday morning, after the appointment, target shooting with grandma, grandpa and the kids. 20181126_0754292221468085692624631.jpg

I even got grandma to shoot!20181124_1305353781201548025049558.jpg

And then we had to pack up and head home. I always dread leaving. I wish we all lived closer. 20181124_134959426628314831299964.jpg

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I can’t wait until next year! 20181126_0756195935242357687180371.jpg

I miss it already! Hope everyone has a blessed day! See ya soon!


Short Thanksgiving Vacation

Good morning guys! I have been super busy. The hubbs asked me Sunday night if I wanted to go to my mom and dad’s for Thanksgiving. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Of course I want to go! My dad is having cataract surgery on Friday and I don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I love going home! Its nice to get away from this crazy place.

We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon. I promised to take the girls’ shopping today and then have my car back home so that the hubbs can put my new brake pads on when he gets home from work. I’ve been scrubbing the house, making sure everything is in order. I do not like coming home to a messy house. I feel very rushed and my anxiety is taking over, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

Thursday morning I will wake up to the smell of delicious food and my dad playing his guitar. And the peacefulness of being in the middle of nowhere. This is my #1 favorite thing!fb_img_15427273690627839425219058519069.jpg


fb_img_15427273861888497645271654237445.jpgfb_img_15427276724177057218253619378948.jpg20171124_16354320171124_16363420171124_163658I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for my family and the life we have. I like to reflect on the many blessings that we’ve been given instead of focusing on things we may not have. No, we’re not rich, we can’t go buy all of the expensive things that we think will make us happy, but I truly believe that money can’t buy happiness. Things are irrelevant and might make us happy for a few minutes, but our family will fill our hearts with love and happiness for a lifetime!


Happy Thanksgiving guys! Many blessings for all of you and your families! See ya soon!


Charity Squares, scarves & blankets! Oh My!

Good morning guys! It is a very brisk 30 degrees that feels like 23 degrees. We have a winter weather advisory starting this afternoon, so once I’m done cleaning I will be cozied up with my yarn and probably more Perry Mason. I’m finally on season 2. We had to take a break last night and catch up on new episodes of Blue Bloods and Seal Team.

So I have about 4 or 5 different crochet projects going on right now. I made the mistake of going out to the storage building yesterday before the girls’ dentist appointments, I crochet no matter where we go. I brought this mess into the house and I spent last night rolling it up, the pile is getting smaller…20181113_1712361938829795186034611.jpg

I’ve also started on some 7″ x 9″ rectangles for Warm Up America. Leftover yarn is perfect for this project!20181107_1800157187179891112740532.jpg

I’m still working on scarves for the Made With Love 2019 event!20181113_1421204469122644609053902.jpg

And I’ve decided to go ahead and work on a few baby blankets for Parkland Memorial Hospital 20181106_1934483664423646616240330.jpg

I really love this yarn for baby blankets, it is super soft…20181102_1209403537527322432642780.jpg

And I’m working on a throw for my bed. I had to buy more yarn this morning…20181114_0846142326024468980798893.jpg

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! Stay Warm!