French Press-I totally failed

Good morning guys! I hope you had a great weekend! The hubbs took me shopping Saturday and Sunday (Veteran’s Day Sales)! I took the weekend off from writing and I have missed you guys! So I’m going to share with you my failure at using my French press for the first time.

I’ve had this thing for about a month, its been sitting on my coffee bar staring at me. Its very intimidating! I keep saying, “maybe tomorrow.”

On the way home from shopping yesterday the hubbs decides that he wants to have a cup of coffee and suggests that we try out the new French press. Ugh!

I organized everything that I would need to make 2 cups of coffee. To use this French press I had to buy coffee beans and a coffee grinder 20181112_0915105441695688643084677.jpg

Okay! This won’t be so bad…I’m ready! Ha ha ha! As I was organizing everything, I knocked the dang coffee beans off the coffee bar and busted the bag open. Time-out! I had to clean up that mess before I could proceed. On the plus side the vacuum now smells like coffee.

Moving on! I have my fancy little coffee grinder, I dumped some beans in, up to the line that says 8. I really have no idea what I’m doing because I can’t find the box or the instructions for the French press. I read somewhere that you use one tablespoon of coffee grounds for 4 ounces. 20181111_1505432464197815718445449.jpg

Looks great!20181111_1508143982327100755062590.jpg

I probably should have just poured these grounds into my Ninja Coffee Maker and been done with it.

So, if I want 2-8 ounce cups of coffee then I need 4 tablespoons of grounds. That’s a lot for 2 cups of coffee. Hmmm…nope I didn’t stop to consider this…keep in mind, I’ve got two teenage daughters sitting at the kitchen table irritating me to death and I just want to get this done. I have a million other things that I need to be doing.

Anyway, I dumped the grounds in the carafe. 20181111_1512336012979407170251895.jpg

I filled up my Pyrex measuring cup with 16 ounces of water. And was getting ready to stick it in the microwave. My husband says, “you’re not going to boil the water in the microwave are you?”

“Yep! I sure as heck am! Now get out of my kitchen!”

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday to get a tea kettle because for Veteran’s Day they had a 25% off your entire purchase for military. Of course, they didn’t have the one I wanted, the turquoise Kate Spade, guess I will put it on my Christmas list. So, yes, I’m boiling the water in the microwave!

I boiled the water and slowly poured it into the carafe and set my timer for 4 minutes. This doesn’t look very promising!20181111_1519502544877268835792987.jpg

It sure doesn’t look like 2 cups of coffee! After the 4 minutes, I pushed down the plunger.20181111_1524355997722656434629897.jpg

This is definitely not 2 cups of coffee!20181111_1525143280874903158926163.jpg

I got the hubbs a coffee cup. I think I made an espresso without my espresso machine. I poured the coffee into the coffee cup and ended up with probably about 6 ounces of coffee. I probably should have just grabbed the espresso cups, I could have had like 4 tiny cups of coffee.

The hubbs put sugar in it, no milk (blah!). I like my milk and sugar with a touch of coffee! So, he starts drinking it and making this awful face! “Its great babe!, I may not sleep for days!”

Well, at least I will know how not to make it next time, unless I want an espresso. If you want an espresso, follow these directions. Maybe I will try again tomorrow when the kids are at school. I will definitely let you guys know.

I hope you have enjoyed my lesson on how not to make coffee with a French press. I have to get back to my laundry (I’m a boss at laundry). Have a wonderful Monday! See ya soon!


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Awake Too Early

Good morning guys! I’m running way behind today. You see, what had happened was…this is one of my favorite ways to start a story when I’m talking to my husband. It lets him know that he may as well get comfortable because it’s going to take a while.

Last night, #2 tells me at the last minute that she needs her JROTC uniform cleaned because she needs it for the Veteran’s Day assembly at school today. Okay, no big deal. The only part of this uniform that is washable is the dress shirt, white t-shirt and socks. The jacket and pants have to be dry cleaned. Momma doesn’t go to the dry cleaners. My friend told me about this fancy little kit that she used for her daughter’s uniform, the Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner

This kit is amazing, the problem was, I couldn’t find the bag that you put the clothes in to use the darn thing. Moving on! I decided that I would just throw the moistened little towel in the dryer with the pants and the dress shirt. Normally, you stick the clothes in the bag, put the moistened towel in the bag and dry for about 15 minutes.

15 minutes later I go to get the stuff out of the dryer and it has this awful sticky feeling. So I turned the dryer back on for a little while longer. I go back and same thing. I pull the pants out of the dryer and I notice a pack of orbit gum sticking out of the pocket, son of a freaking biscuit eater this is why everything is sticky!!!

I had forgot about the assembly by this time. And I’m thinking to myself, she can just wear them like this, that’ll teach her to leave gum in her pocket! Yes! Horrible mom moment! I finished my episode of Perry Mason and I went to bed.

At 2:30 this morning, I woke up, its almost like I had a panic attack in my sleep. I really tried to go back to sleep, there is no way I’m getting up at 2:30. All I could think about was that stinkin uniform. And then I remembered the assembly. Ugh!

I headed for the laundry room, took the pants and the shirt, stuck them in the washing machine on delicate. While those were washing I got out my windex and paper towels and proceeded to scrub the gum out of the dryer.

Did I mention its cold and raining?! I should have been in bed! Mom duties are never finished! 20181109_0537141868255051363202147.jpg

Crisis averted! I may need a nap!20181109_0622499007405880670505042.jpg

To all of the mom’s and dad’s out there, thank you for being awesome! What we won’t do for our kids!

And thank you for listening to my ramblings! I feel much better and it looks like the sun is coming out! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!! See ya soon!


Diamond Art

Good morning y’all! Hope everyone is doing amazing! It’s a bit chilly in Tennessee this morning, but the sun is shining and I think it’s going to be a beautiful day. The kids are at school, bed is made, laundry is going and I’m dusting and vacuuming as usual.

I did however get distracted for a few minutes and I finally opened my new Diamond Art. I have been so excited to try this. I love cross stitch, puzzles and coloring so this reminds me of all three rolled into one.

I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby. I kinda wish I would have checked Amazon first. They have some that are amazing. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s had a limited supply. I do love flamingo’s though so this one will do just fine for my first one.

20181108_0956594192830643781717877.jpg    20181108_0957195909603003121460408.jpg

So this is what comes in the kit: You have a 15.8 x 15.8 Printed Fabric, a stylus, craft tray, wax caddy, comfort grip, gems and instructions. (Mine came with a random hair in the package, which didn’t make me very happy)20181108_0958326734721203274679838.jpg

The fabric is a little wonky when you take it out so I taped the corners to my cardboard pattern cutting board20181108_1005448182225385908146907.jpg

I’m a little disappointed that the background color is different than the one on the box. 20181108_1006071265595323487393978.jpg

You also get little storage bags for your gems20181108_1009026410806326299029039.jpg

There are a lot of gems!20181108_1007587884678387477327494.jpg

So I figured I would start at the bottom and work my way up.20181108_1012274364442917438836285.jpg

So you basically dip your stylus in the wax which is what you use to pick up the gems and then you stick them on the corresponding symbols (the fabric is sticky).20181108_1019448783799494230211715.jpg

I really love this so far! 20181108_1024017813756208475700644.jpg

I don’t have time to complete it right now, but I will give you guys an update later on. I have to get back to my wifing and momming duties. I just wanted to share this with you guys real quick! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day! See ya soon!


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New Goodies!

Oh my gosh guys!!! I have to show you my new goodies from my shopping trip the other day! Yeah, I know, I actually left the house and went shopping. It was a beautiful day and now it’s just cold and yucky. I will be in hybernation mode soon and then all of my fun shopping will be done on Amazon. The cold makes my body hurt and then my fingers and toes go numb, its so much fun.

Anyway, back to my new goodies! Most of them are for my planner. I’m stocking up for when I’m stuck in the house! I started out on my way to Hobby Lobby and I ended going to Michael’s too.20181107_115904

Hobby Lobby had all of their Paper Studio products 50% off. I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s unless what I want is on sale.


I always need pens and stencils!



Michael’s had all of their Planners and Accessories on sale for 40% off so I had to have more stickers.


I had to have the pink paper and I love lists!


I have to share these little guys! I didn’t buy them so I may have to go back. They are too cute!


I also bought another insert for my planner. I feel like I actually need this one.











And last but not least I grabbed a few patterns that I absolutely had to have! You can’t beat $1.99 when the patterns are originally about $18. Now I have to drag out my sewing machine.



Oh yeah, I also bought one of those Diamond Art things with my 40% coupon. I have been dying to try it. That will be a whole other post hopefully sometime this week.

As always, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit me. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! See ya soon!


Our New Adventure

Hey guys! I would love for you to join us on our new adventure! For about 3 years, off and on, we have been house hunting. When the hubbs decided he was going to retire last year we kinda backed off. I kept hearing these horror stories about how we should have all of this money saved up because it could be months before he got his retirement pay and we would be lucky if the VA would pay us at all. And good luck finding a job!

We were both so stressed, according to everyone we would be broke! I was totally prepared to live in a cardboard box!

My husband eventually went on his 90 days of terminal leave and we started searching everywhere for his next job, but nothing even came close to what he was making. We had to go to these retirement meetings and decide if I wanted survivor benefits. I told my husband, “If something happens to you, I’m going to live on a beach and become a beach bum!”. The survivor benefits were not worth the cost, it was actually cheaper to get life insurance.

After all of this, it was time for the retirement ceremony, but we were not celebrating. We were coming up on what we thought was our last paycheck for a while. Finally, the letter from VA came with my husbands disability rating. It sat on the kitchen table for a few days because my husband likes to neglect his mail and he didn’t realize what it was. I asked him about it and he told me to open it. As I’m reading through it, I realize what it is. Not understanding the numbers, I asked him what all of these percentages meant.

I said, “According to this, you’re like 200% disabled!”. Then he realized that it was the letter that we had been waiting for, with the date that we would receive his disability check. In a few days! Thank God! We didn’t miss a payday! We received his retirement pay and his disability pay at the same time and we could breathe again.

He still wanted to go back to work. If I remember correctly, that same week, he received a job offer from an amazing contracting company on base. We were truly blessed and so thankful to not be moving into a cardboard box!

This blessing allowed us to start our house search again!

I re-installed my app on my phone and we would go on the weekends and look at houses. We both agreed that the house had to have everything that we both want and that we would not settle.

Our plan was that if we found something that we absolutely loved that we would rent out our current house. No problem! We looked at a lot of houses. We found one that I absolutely loved because of the huge windows in the kitchen and the living room. The problem was that when you looked out those big, beautiful windows, you were looking at the side of your neighbors house about 20 feet away. Ummm, No!

So, I found another house with this beautiful wrap around porch and decided to drive out and look at it while the kids were at school and the hubbs was at work. The house was ok, the garage was small and the kitchen was too small, but I fell in love with the neighborhood. It was outside the city limits and it was so quiet.

That weekend the hubbs and I drove out to the neighborhood. There were a few other houses for sale further back in the neighborhood. So we parked the truck and took a walk. I didn’t like anything we looked at. The kitchens were too small, the garages were too small, with 4 bedrooms there was no mancave. I know, I know, 1st world problems! But we were not settling!

I was getting frustrated at this point because I absolutely loved the neighborhood. The last house we looked at, I walked in to what I thought was the master bedroom (I will never live this down, my husband loves this story), it was tiny for a master bedroom. Of course, the hubbs went straight for the garage. After, seeing the “master bedroom”, I threw up my hands, “I’m done! I’m leaving and I’m going home!”.

So, I headed for the door! The hubbs said, “Did you go upstairs?, come on, lets look upstairs before we leave.”

Being the dramatic person that I am, I trudged up the stairs. The hubbs was way ahead of me as I was having my temper tantrum. He said, “Babe! That was not the master bedroom downstairs!”. I perked up a little bit. “What do you mean?”.

This is the master bedroom!!!

How does a house have 2 master bedrooms?! My mind was blown! I went straight for the windows. I love windows, especially with a view like this!


All was right with the world again! Temper tantrum averted! We fell in love with the house and my husband has a lovely, embarrassing story to tell our visitors.

I called our Randi (a.k.a. our amazing realtor) to let her know that we finally found the one! And then we ran into a problem. We currently have a VA loan on our house, to purchase this house we would need to have $33,000 or sell our house to be able to use our full VA loan. Our house is not ready to be put on the market.

Ugh! We don’t have $30,000 laying around. “What can we do?, I want this house, in this neighborhood!”. We decided that we would pick a lot and build, by the time the house is built, ours will be ready and on the market. So, that Friday there were 3 lots available, by Monday they were all sold. This was horrible news!

Fortunately, our Randi called later in the week to say that they would be starting phase 2 soon and we would have first pick of the lots. Finally!

Now the fun part begins! Our Randi made an appointment for us to go look at the lots that would accommadate our floor plan. We chose a beautiful 1.5 acres at the beginning of a cul-de-sac. This is perfect for the kiddos and the dogs, we won’t have random cars driving by our house all the time.

photo editor-20181013_2033531194391743438463162..jpg

Signing the contract was another pain in the rear. Phase 2 would go up in price by $10,000. But the good thing was, once we signed, our price was locked in. And I got a few extra goodies thrown in that would normally have an upgrade charge.

The great thing about building is that we get to choose everything. I’m not crazy about the colors in the original house. So the colors will be gray instead of the brown and pinkish color.

We started this adventure in August. We were supposed to have a road by early November, but with the yucky weather they are a bit behind.

Our Randi texted yesterday for us to make an appointment to pick out our selections. So, I wanted to get these pictures up so that you guys can come along on our adventure with us.

On with the tour of our floor plan:

Our Entryway…to the left is the fake master bedroom.


#1 is getting the Guest Suite…when she moves out, I’m turning it into a yoga studio!


#1’s Vanity



#1’s Bathtub



#2’s closet and bathroom

#3’s room…he is so excited about his little nook!

The hubb’s mancave

I call it a landing…I don’t know if that’s actually what its called!

If the hubbs gets a mancave and a 3 car garage, I get my own closet!

Our kitchen

Our living room

The laundry room

I almost forgot the Master bath

And I have to add this pic of #2 and #3 being goofy!

And that concludes the tour for now. Thank you for joining us on our new adventure. I should have more photos for you guys soon. Next: Selections!

To be continued…


Storms Last Night

Hey y’all! We survived the storms last night. The tornado sirens started going off at around 9:20. We were lucky and had minimal damage, we have a broken limb on our weeping willow in the front yard.IMG_9172

This was not my intended post for this morning, but I just wanted to take a minute and offer my thoughts and prayers for our neighbors to the east and south of us. According to the National Weather Service there were about 12 tornadoes that touched down.

In Christiana Tennessee a woman lost her life and two others were injured after her home collapsed. Another home was struck by lightening and caught fire. Thank God the man and his 3 children were able to escape unharmed. There are many homes that were completely destroyed.

Please pray for our neighbors this morning, I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.


Lazy Dinner

Good Morning Y’all! It is quite dreary in Tennessee this morning, apparently we have some bad storms that are supposed to move in tonight. I may be crazy, but I love it when the power goes out, we always end up involved in a very serious game of go fish or uno with some candles and all of the kids. If the power comes back on before we go to bed, then we all run around turning everything back off and continue our game. I love it!

So, I was super lazy last night, the hubbs decided that he wanted sandwiches so that I wouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen and we could just sit on the couch, eat and watch some Perry Mason. Yes I am binge watching Perry Mason! I love old tv shows!

We buy this 5 pound bucket of Papa Charlie’s Italian Style Beef from Sam’s Club. All I have to do is dump it in my stock pot and heat it up.IMG_9137

We got a giant bag of hoagie rolls and provolone. And of course I keep a stockpile of Hellman’s MayoIMG_9157

These are just too easy to make, perfect for a lazy Sunday! IMG_9149

Thank you for joining me and looking at my laziness! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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